Key IT Challenges

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Key IT Challenges

Small to Medium-

All businesses in
Australia depend on their IT systems to remain functional and therefore face
some key IT challenges in a changing environment. Not all businesses are
large enough to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on the most
sophisticated equipment and solutions. As a result, many small to medium-sized
businesses face numerous challenges with regards to IT. Below, we explain what
some of these challenges are and how you can overcome them.

With cybercrime on the
rise, security is one of the most pressing concerns for small to medium-sized
businesses in Australia, today it is not will I be compromised but when and
that creates the environment where a business needs to prevent rather than

If you choose to store
IT equipment inside your premises, you need to think about how you can restrict
access to them, safeguard them from accidents, keep them in full working order,
and much more. Alternatively, you can outsource IT security to a team of experts, which can help you save
time, money and effort.

Data is one of the
world’s most valuable assets. According to many studies, data is now more
valuable than oil. As you might expect, there are plenty of people that would
love to get their hands on the data owned by big businesses. However, even
small to medium-sized businesses need to remain vigilant. If you lose sensitive
information such as customer contact details, invoices and purchase order
histories, your business could be harmed financially, and it could also affect
your reputation.

The most
straightforward way to protect your data is to embrace the cloud. By storing your data remotely rather than on
hardware kept within your premises, you can keep it out of the hands of
hackers. You can minimise the impact of downtime through having the ability to restore
your data quickly. The discussion with your IT service provider is about a
solution that ensures quick restoration of your systems.

As a small or
medium-sized business, spending your money wisely is a necessity. But how do
you budget for your IT requirements when you can’t precisely predict what the
future holds? Can your business adapt and leverage the new technologies as they
become available in the market.

IT infrastructure is
expensive and is a capital expenditure but taking advantage of an outsourced
relationship with a monthly fee, supported by usage of cloud infrastructure and
cloud applications you move the IT budget from capital expenditure to
operational and you minimise your investment cost.

Small to medium
businesses can avoid the investment in hardware and equipment that becomes
redundant in the space of a few years. Often, companies need to hire an entire
department of IT experts to help them manage their IT infrastructure and plan
the future of their resource budget.

Again, outsourcing IT
resource planning can help you save money because third-party providers allow
you to scale your requirements as necessary.

Remaining up to

As mentioned above, IT
solutions, hardware and software applications can become outdated within the
space of a few years. If you fail to keep on top of the latest developments,
you may give your competitors an edge.

Our IT experts can
implement a range of IT systems, from cloud-hosted Office applications to an enterprise resource planning system, on
your behalf and update them automatically so that you can concentrate on what
you do best.

Business Process

Does your IT
infrastructure work as efficiently as it could? Can various IT systems share
data so that you can maximise productivity in your workplace while mitigating
the risk of errors? Process integration is an integral part of streamlining
your core business tasks in today’s increasingly competitive world. If you want
to find out how process integration can help you, we’d love to hear from you.

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