Office 365 for My Business

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Office 365 for My Business

Why Migrate?

Whether you’re a
start-up, a local, medium-sized business or a global corporation, you probably
depend on applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.  Today’s work environment requires employees
and businesses to be more collaborative and to be able to work on documents,
files remotely, on multiple devices and at various times of the day.

The easiest solution
to ensure your team can do what they need to do when they need to be ensuring
you have deployed Office 365.  If you
haven’t migrated to Office 365, you might be using outdated and unsecure
applications. Just as importantly, you’re missing out on the many business
benefits that Office 365 has to offer.

What Is Office 365?

Office 365 is a suite
of software applications by Microsoft Windows. They include Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook – most of which are used by many Australian
businesses daily. Just a few years ago, you’d need to install each of these
applications on every device you wished to use them, and the software would
need to be replaced eventually with new versions meaning significant cost in
upgrades and maintaining a licence register.

This is eliminated
when you subscribe to Office 365, you pay for what you use on a per user basis
per month. This give you capability to scale quickly and to remove people as
required meaning you are in control of your cashflow.

Why Migrate to
Office 365?

For businesses in
Australia, Office 365 is beneficial for countless reasons. It improves data
security, collaboration, productivity and more. Still wondering why move to
O365? Here are the primary benefits in more detail:

  • Store
    documents in the cloud

Instead of saving
essential documents on your hard drive, you can store them on OneDrive, Microsoft’s
cloud storage solution. It is recommended that you still back up your files as
part of your disaster recovery plan.

  • Access
    documents using any device with an internet connection

Because you can save
your files in the cloud, you can access them using any device with an internet
connection, regardless of your location. Microsoft has created its applications
to be flexible so that you can work on documents using your computer, tablet or

  • Ensure
    you always have the latest applications

Microsoft frequently
releases software updates, security upgrades and patches for its Office
applications. It is highly recommended that you discuss with your local
Computer Troubleshooters location where for a small monthly fee they will
ensure that all updates are installed on all devices your team are using. This
means you’ll always be using the very latest version of your essential business

  • Collaborate
    on documents in real-time

One of the best
features of Office 365 is that it enables multiple users to work on the same
document at the same time, boosting workplace productivity and communication
while saving you time and money.

  • Learn
    ways to optimise core business processes

The powerful Office
365 suite has so many more elements than the traditional applications of Word,
Excel and PowerPoint. There are extensive communication capabilities, there is
the collaborative application of Microsoft Teams and even the capability of analysing

The result is that you
can develop some invaluable insights regarding ways to streamline your business
processes. If you want to learn more about the capabilities of Office 365, we
encourage you to call us.

Learn More about
Office 365

Office 365 comprises all the essential applications you need to run many of your core business processes, but it comes with the added benefits of improved security, communication, productivity and value. Instead of purchasing each application outright (which you’ll need to do periodically to remain on top of the latest developments), you can subscribe to the cloud-hosted suite of Office 365 applications and realise all the benefits detailed above. If you need help migrating or want to learn more about the advantages of Office 365, call us today on 0468919399

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