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NBN and VoIP Be Ready

As the nbn is rolled
out many people are asking do I need to do anything? Do I need to switch to the
nbn? Will I need to update my phone system etc. The fact is that as the rollout
reaches your area every business needs to be ready to switch to the nbn.


Because it has been
mandated that the following services will be terminated: Home/Landline services from Telstra and other
providers, internet services that are ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and cable services
from Bigpond and Optus.

How do you know and
how long do you have to migrate?

From the moment your
area is declared as nbn ready then you have 18 months to make the switch.  You can check if your location is nbn ready here.

When your location is
ready it is a great opportunity to assess new technology options such as VoIP.
(Voice over the Internet Protocol). Some people are concerned with using internet-based
phone systems due to the low sound quality and unreliability. Thanks to the
NBN, that’s all changing.

VoIP Explained

In Australia, the
internet is largely powered by a system of copper cables, which can result in
slow downloading and uploading speeds, thus creating problems when making phone
calls. Now, Australia is unleashing its NBN network, which will see the copper
cables replaced with fibre-optic alternatives.

Fibre-optic cables can
carry signals much faster than copper wires. As a result, internet-based phone
systems will become more reliable, which is why now is a good time to consider
switching to a VoIP phone solution. Essentially, thanks to VoIP, you can have
clear conversations in real-time with anybody in the world, provided you both
have an internet connection.

The Benefits of
VoIP for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses?

From reducing your
expenses to expanding your reach, here are the benefits of VoIP for small to
medium-sized businesses in Australia.

  • Cost

Both the installation
and running costs of a VoIP system tend to be lower than a traditional phone
system. Because your VoIP is powered by your internet, you don’t need to
install phone lines, meaning you’ll only have one bill for your internet usage
and phone calls.

  • Accessibility

Distance is no
obstacle when it comes to making phone calls with a VoIP system. If you have an
internet connection, you can communicate in near real-time. You can use
additional communication services like video conferencing.

  • Flexibility

As you grow you can
scale your business with extra capacity as required.  How? With VoIP, you simply need to extend
your bandwidth. There’s no limit to the number of VoIP phone handsets you can

  • Additional

With a traditional
phone system, you often pay an additional fee for features such as call
forwarding, voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID. VoIP systems are flexible
and cost effective when deploying extra services.

Learn More about
Our VoIP Services

If you’re a small to medium-sized business that wants to cut costs, improve communications and be prepared to have a phone system that can easily be adapted to suit your unique requirements, you should learn more about VoIP for NBN. Call our experts today 0468919399 and we’ll gladly provide more information.

How to take the pain away by using Computer Troubleshooters Milton?

Our network of offices
has invested in becoming accredited nbn advisers. The benefits of using a nbn
accredited adviser are:

  • Smooth transition

Using a nbn business adviser
will allow you to focus on your business with an adviser working through the
challenges of your migration. They take the headaches on, as you remain productive
in your business.

  • Minimise
    risk of disruption

Migration requires
time and is complex, there are many pitfalls that can lead to delays and
disruption to your ability to trade effectively. The adviser is across the
technology and therefore can predict the issues and proactively avoid them
ensuring your transition is completed in the quickest possible time.

  • Choices:
    choosing the right solution

The role of the
adviser is to understand your business needs today and into the future. Those
business needs should dictate the choice of the solution. The adviser can
explain, simplify and help you understand how the solution meets your needs
best. They provide the peace of mind that you are selecting the right solution.

  • Maximising
    the benefit of the nbn

The nbn will initially
involve a change but it brings many more opportunities to digitise your
business and transform it increasing your productivity and profits.  Your local Computer Troubleshooters nbn
adviser can help you identify and map the areas for digitalisation. Plan to
benefit and transform.

The starting point is to call your local office on 0468919399. Be proactive and act now and while at ask for a Security IT assessment for your business.

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