Hyper-v virtualisation has come along way since the release of 2008 server r2, it allows for live migration of servers, this works best with clustering servers, basically 2 servers is ideal for small to medium business depending on the applications in use or the nature of the business. Which adds failsafe and failover to the equasion of failsafe data, meaning that if a server goes down, since the other server is passive and holds the same config file, this server picks up the slack of the failed server and continues to host the servers again in a space of about 1 minute, dont need to have a big san situation if cost is an issue, depending on the size of the data that a tape solution can be good enough for back up to take off site or an online facility as well for multiple locations for data recovery in a catastrophic failure.

We are experts in Virtual Network Design with hyper-v and clustering, which can be surprising cheaper than you think to set up, clustering and system centre essentials and virtual machine manager, perfect for businesses that run 3 applications or more or have 2 or more servers or even possibly 2 who want to look at growth in the next few years this gives them that capability and using the same number of machines they already have and they possibly are already capable of hyper-v virtualisation. You can just run with hyper-v and clustering to have the fail safe and failover scenario but the other 2 bit of software add features galore to the equasion, Most business can settle with just Hyper-v and clustering as software can become expensive as this comes free with 2008 server.

Features of SCE and SCVMM bring library features for you to store isos, Virtual servers, to create a full library, create software packages, deploy software, also give wsus capabilities as the sbs server does also give wsus in the package now. They also give converting capabilities, you can convert physical machines with scvmm and then run them virtually. the list goes on.

If you would like a detailed analysis if this is the way you should go with your small to medium business, give us a call at Computer Troubleshooters Milton and we can help with assisting with the best expert consulting detailed for your business.