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Microsoft 365 Business Support

Microsoft 365 Business Support

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Are you looking to:

  • Have employees achieve more by being connected and collaborative?
  • Have employees working productively no matter where they are on any device?
  • Minimise the security risk to employee’s data?

Then talk with your local Computer Troubleshooter about an Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) solution.

Every Computer Troubleshooter solution is designed to meet your individual requirements now, but with a payment model of only paying for what you need so you can scale your solution as your business grows.

Say NO to:

  •  financial waste,
  •  large capital investment outlay on software,
  •  expensive upgrade costs,
  •  lack of productivity because your employees have different versions of the software.

Say YES to:

  • a monthly operational payment based on the number of active users.
  • increased agility to scale
  • Simplifying the management of your infrastructure

Allowing you:

  • to focus on the business while being confident that your team have the tools to do their work.
  • What is Office 365? Now Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials) consists of  your standard web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – all operational on up to 5 devices including mobile phones and tablets.

    In addition, the plan provides hosted Exchange, One Drive, SharePoint, and Teams.

    This includes:

    • email hosting with 50gb mailbox,
    • using your own domain name e.g.
    • using teams to host online meetings and video calls for 250 people where compatible
    • storage capacity of 1TB for file sharing with One Drive
    • protection against spam, malware with Exchange Online Protection
    • the capacity for each user to install the office apps on up to 5 PCs or Macs

What is Microsoft Office 365

  • There are a variety of plans to choose from, depending on your needs. All plan names have been changed however the plans remain the same. Each plan has various and additional features, so you can choose a plan that best suits your business.
    • Business Basics (Essentials)
    • Business Standard (Business Premium)
    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium (Microsoft 365 Business)
    • Microsoft 365 Apps for Business (Office 365 Business)

    Not for Profit – Pricing: As a Microsoft Partner, Computer Troubleshooters can arrange for special Not for Profit pricing that can save qualifying NFP organisations over 80% off normal Recommended Retail Pricing. This is a great offer available to many NFP organisations in Australia – the qualification terms are determined by Microsoft Australia, but we can help you through this.

    Computer Troubleshooters offers the Not for Profit Members a No obligation IT Assessment to help determine your organisations suitability to Office/Microsoft 365.

  • 5 benefits from an IT Microsoft 365 Assessment.

    1. Find immediate areas for improvement – If you’re thinking of upgrading your systems there may be a better way to run your business IT to suit the current business trends of “Bring your own Device”, “Multiple Device Access & Syncing” and “Business Systems Remote Access”. Office 365 is a great solution for enabling a modern workforce to collaborate, work anywhere on any device and to share files.
    2. Budget for longer-term areas of improvement or find savings – An assessment may reveal outdated hardware, licencing issues and lack of security protocols – all areas that represent key risks of failure to your business. An IT office 365 Assessment allows the business to plan and budget to address these areas in the future, instead of having to react tomorrow to an unforeseen full disk. The current trend for infrastructure as a service, and for software such as Microsoft 365 as a service which is paid on a subscription model based on what you use, can improve cash flow and give a predictability to IT spend. This often delivers greater value at a lower cost than undertaking expensive capital upgrades of equipment and software licences.
    3. Knowing your standard operating environment – If your employees are able to install software onto your computers, do you know what they have been installing? An audit will reveal if your computers have illegal file sharing software or other programs that may be relevant to their hobbies, not their work (e.g. share trading). Continued management of your Microsoft 365 implementation can ensure the operating environment on the various equipment is not compromised and exposing the business to an unknown risk.
    4. Security & Backup checks – how secure are you in today’s complex world of scams, email attacks etc. Ensuring all of your security patches are up to date across all devices, we will look at your policy frameworks. We will ask about your backup solution and understand how effective it is in being able to restore your data. We will assess whether you are backing up at the right frequency. On completion, we will provide you with feedback, recommendations & alternatives you may not be aware of, that reduce the risk of disruption and give you peace of mind for your business systems & data security.
    5. Verify your current Systems – Your business will have certain assets & licences listed for accounting purposes which should be reviewed and recorded. That way you can understand what licences, hardware, and user requirements you have. Instead of excess requirements with Microsoft 365 we can ensure you pay for only what you need.
  • Where to Start?

    Busy day, hectic schedule, need to do it now, but cannot find the time? Then why not look to an experienced Microsoft partner focused on small business to help you transition your business to Microsoft 365.

    Begin with: IT Microsoft 365 Assessment Consultation

    Before we begin, we always need to assess the current situation and determine where we are trying to go. Upon engaging us we will conduct an initial assessment with a full review of your current IT setup, systems security and data backup procedures. We will discuss your existing and future business requirements, explaining any Microsoft 365 or cloud opportunities.

    The outcome is to present a range of recommendations and an overall plan that ensures a smooth transfer from your old IT systems to the new cloud enabled environment. We will achieve all of this with a minimum of business disruption and impact to your cashflow.

  • Migrating to Microsoft 365

    Removing the headache of setting up and implementing your Microsoft 365 solution is easy by using an experienced local Computer Troubleshooter. Remember this is our full-time job. The migration needs to be effectively planned and the starting point is to document. If we have completed an assessment then a lot of this will already be in place.

    Planning is broad and comprehensive – it covers users, infrastructure, product choice, mapping the various migration steps, example configuration steps for Active directory, mailboxes and Exchange.

    From planning you move to deployment. A project plan is kept with a list of deployment goals and tasks with project date timelines. The deployment covers Inventory, remediate deployment blockers, setting up Microsoft services for the organisation and the roll out to users and review.

    Things to think about before migrating to Microsoft 365

    Computer Troubleshooters recommends considering the following points for a smooth transition.

    • Underestimating the size of the job – allocating sufficient time & dedicated resources to enable full migration of data & users without disrupting your business.
    • Microsoft 365 Plan choice – ensure the plan chosen is correct for each user’s requirements, each Microsoft 365 plan has specific capabilities hence the need to ensure that plans are matched correctly.
    • Delete & Archive – as a cloud enabled product suite you can easily assume that your current data store will need to be loaded, culling existing data stores can save significant migration time, & reduce the risk of overloading.
    • Local Storage – while Microsoft 365 has considerable cloud storage available you may need to consider localized storage for large & archived files to achieve saving on data usage & reduce download times.
    • Timing & Data Loading – in migrating to Microsoft 365, significant data usage is encountered. When syncing to the Microsoft data centre, consideration needs to be given to timing of the data transfer (when & how long), data allowances, & the effect on standard business operations due to bandwidth limitations.
    • User Profiles – in setting up users on Microsoft 365, consider copying current user profiles, setting & communicating passwords, and hardware accessibility.
    • Support – misunderstanding the role Microsoft support plays in helping with Microsoft 365 deployments should you encounter an issue you don’t understand. SLA Critical & Urgent incidents where they are responsible is fairly prompt, calls are answered within one hour and updates provided every 2 and 24 hours, respectively. However, issues raised as important or advisory are updated every 72 hours or as decided by Microsoft. So, if you are experiencing an issue during migration it may be difficult to get prompt Microsoft support.
    • Ongoing Support & Administration – ultimately Microsoft 365 is shared infrastructure where Microsoft manages the day to day functions of the hosted facility. However, like any IT network the local users, profiles, and infrastructure still need to be managed for security, hardware, and administration – if you are time poor consider outsourcing this to Computer Troubleshooters on a Management fee plan.

What can Computer Troubleshooters offer you?

  • Time poor, lacking the experience or no dedicated resources available? Then look to Computer Troubleshooters to carry out the migration for a project fee supported by an ongoing management for a monthly fee.

    Take the risk out of failure, take the cost of disruption out of the equation, increase the speed of migration and deployment by Computer Troubleshooters, covering:

    • Planning – Licencing & Administration
    • Setup – Each user must be defined and setup on the Office 365 platform.
    • Migration – Existing data, profiles and files need to be correctly setup.
    • Ongoing Administration & Support – local support for local users, local workstations, and office networks.

    No need to hire full time employees when Computer Troubleshooters can provide the IT services required to move your business to Microsoft 365.

    • By outsourcing to a local business, you pay only for the specific tasks you need accomplished and the service level you require, at an agreed monthly cost.
    • Got an issue? Simply call your local Computer Troubleshooters who you know & with whom you have a personal relationship, with the peace of mind that a skilled professional is available to help & who understands your business. No overseas call centres. No Identity checks. No remembering account number & passwords. No explaining your systems to THEM every time.

    You manage your business while Computer Troubleshooters manages your IT, making life easier.

    Remember Microsoft 365 enables:

    • Work from anywhere on any device – You have synced single view of your business.
    • Effective Team collaboration through teams, Outlook and file sharing
    • Trusted local data infrastructure – Microsoft 365 is hosted in an Australian data centre with a 99.9% uptime service level guarantee.
    • Improved cashflow reducing capital expenditure – Reduced core hardware purchases, plus Office 365 licencing is available as a monthly subscription.
    • Reduced operational and energy costs – Reducing servers can reduce running costs substantially.
    • Scale and flexibility for your business – Microsoft 365 licences can be added or removed at any time.
    • No upgrades required – Microsoft 365 is always up to date and capabilities are added automatically.
    • Quick Remediation with Remote support – All Microsoft 365 is administered from a central control panel built for remote administration.
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