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Managed IT Solutions for Business

Is your business reliant on technology?

If your business is out of business when your IT systems go down, then you need to consider a proactive IT management relationship. When your IT systems don’t work do you experience business processing delays, idle staff, customer dissatisfaction, and management stress then the value of moving to a managed services relationship means you can reduce your risk of IT failure and experience the value of having your own IT resource focused on managing your business IT Systems.

If your business benefits from having an expert IT resource acting as your own IT department focused on ensuring your systems are managed for maximum productivity, then Managed IT Services is right for you.

Your local Computer Troubleshooters is generally nearby & able to have a close relationship and a strong understanding of your business needs. Our Managed IT services are designed to let us focus on providing strategic advice, preventative maintenance, continuous monitoring and ongoing support to eliminate problems and maximise business continuity.

We use an IT Automation Framework which traditionally has offered this technology to large corporate organisations. We use this software to manage your network just like a large company’s IT department – automating some routine preventative maintenance, with the ability to remotely access your systems to fix small issues and the functionality to see your networks performance end to end.

Managed IT Services is a generally a far cheaper option than using your own staff, or with the growth of cloud computing and Office 365 a realistic alternative to having your own in house IT infrastructure & specialists.

Are your business IT systems ready to be proactively managed?

Reducing downtime risk and introducing expert IT resources can ensure business stability and peace of mind. We understand that system downtime and unreliability have a direct effect on profitability.

The local Computer Troubleshooters becomes the IT department for your business with an agreed service level depending on your IT risk and budget profile.

Benefits of managed services include:

  • Having a single point of contact for all IT issues -Your own IT resource who knows your users, systems and processes.
  • You get less business downtime and better staff productivity – A resource focused on problem prevention & ultimately your peace of mind.
  • Overall improved IT performance with a monthly fixed price and an IT expert to give your business longer-term strategic advice.

With Managed IT Services, you get proactive management for your computers, laptops and networks with your trusted technology advisor on call, with one managed solution and one monthly fee.

If you feel you need more certainty in your business around your IT, then give your local Computer Troubleshooters a call.

We can get your technology under control and work for you to help your business grow!

Our CT Business IT Solutions Provide:

  • One bill that is predictable, that you can understand and budget for
  • One point of contact for all of your technology needs and questions
  • Proactive maintenance of all of your systems so they are up-to-date and running at their highest potential
  • An environment to help keep your employees productive and experience minimal downtime
  • Assurance that your networks are secure and your data is backed up

Take advantage of all that proactive IT services can provide and say goodbye to the old way of managing your business technology.  It is time to move into the future with managed services and our technology experts are ready to help!

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