Small business IT issues and challenges.

One thing is for sure: running a small business isn't easy, whether you just started a new business or are rebuilding after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today's business owner has a million and one things to worry about – most of which they are left to handle on their own. Take Information Technology as an example. If you don't have a dedicated IT department or a tech-savvy specialist on your payroll, taking care of your IT in-house can be challenging.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the top ten IT support issues and challenges that every small Australian business faces today – including an all-encompassing solution to help you overcome them. Here’s what you need to know…


1 – Cyber insurance and compliance

Cyber security is a growing concern for modern business owners – costing them an estimated $ 300 million every year!

In order to combat this, many industries have certain regulatory compliance requirements and navigating them can be difficult.

Simply the process of applying for cyber security insurance can be overwhelming – and that’s not to mention figuring out which insurance is best for you to begin with.



2 – Data backup and disaster recovery

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or lost your work in a Word Doc due to your computer crashing? Perhaps you were at school or college working on some homework. Whatever the case, do you remember that gut-wrenching feeling? Now imagine that only you’ve lost all of the critical data for your business…

This is why having a reliable data backup and disaster recovery plan in place is essential. That way, if in the unlikely yet entirely possible event that your office burns down or you suffer an earthquake and your onsite equipment is ruined – you won’t have any problems recovering your data and getting set up again.



3 – Data sprawl and integration difficulties

Data sprawl refers to working with multiple incompatible systems with information all over the place. This can happen when you don’t stay on top of new software updates and end up using dated systems that don’t work well with one another.

This is a very common issue for small businesses – particularly when they don’t have an IT professional keeping their systems in check.



4 – Deeper IT issues go unnoticed

Any competent IT department or specialist will have a process in place for tracking issues and ultimately identifying the root cause. Often, they can find deeper problems that would otherwise go unnoticed and rectify them, rather than allow the issue to persist.

Think of it like sticking a Band-Aid on a broken leg. Until you address the root of the problem, the leg will never properly recover.



5 – A lack of comprehensive cyber security

Just as having cyber insurance is important, having a comprehensive cyber security system in place is essential.

Just think about all that vital information you have stored. Trade secrets, confidential communications, HR records, customer info, etc. Protecting this information is not only a legal obligation but the key to keeping your business functioning.



6 – Poor strategic IT planning

Unless IT is your area of expertise, having an air-tight IT strategy in place will be difficult. How can you aim to scale your business when your IT infrastructure isn’t built to effortlessly accommodate it? Often, it’s a lack of strategic planning in the IT department that holds many small businesses back – and often results in failure.



7 – Hiring & firing/asset management

A smooth onboarding process requires a solid plan. How do employees gain access to the right equipment? Are their emails and logins set up before they are due to start? Will they hit the ground running?

The same applies to the off-boarding process. Any employees who leave (whether being fired or moving on amicably), pose a security threat. How quickly are their logins changed and updated? How can you ensure all equipment is returned in good time?

You must keep track of your hardware and assets. Taking inventory and maintaining them properly is critical for your security. It’s also a great way to save money and keep your operation running like clockwork.



8 – Employee frustration

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more infuriating than technology that doesn’t work properly. If your software and hardware is working against you and constantly failing for your employees, they’re going to get frustrated. This frustration ultimately impacts their productivity, and before long you not only run the risk of losing your best performers but losing valuable business as well!



9 – Improper training

Another common issue that small businesses face in the IT department is not being able to properly train their employees to use various software and equipment.

The fact is, every employee will have different comfort and ability levels when it comes to technology. Some will take to new software like a fish to water, while others may need more attention.

Proper training is not only essential for your security, but for the overall productivity levels in your business as well.



10 – Hardware supply chain problems

This never used to be much of an issue, however, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain issues have been rife – especially when coupled with a shortage of raw materials for components like computer chips.

This has a knock on-effect and as such, many businesses have been planning their hardware requirements months in advance and making a purchase decision as quickly and as early as possible.

Without an IT department or specialist in place, making these decisions yourself – on top of the multitude of other responsibilities you have – can feel like a towering responsibility.



What is the solution? How can you overcome these common IT problems?

So, how can you overcome all of these problems and safeguard your business?

The easiest solution for small business owners who aren’t in a position to hire a dedicated IT specialist or build a department of their own is to outsource these requirements to a reputable third-party IT company.

This is where we come in; Computer Troubleshooters can offer you full and comprehensive IT support, taking care of everything from cyber security and data recovery to strategic IT planning and software management.

With full-service IT solutions, we can help you overcome the many tech-related challenges that businesses face, bolster your cyber security, help you navigate the strict compliance regulations, and ultimately streamline the relationship that your business has with technology.

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