Ever wondered if your data is backed up to the stage where it’s secure and most importantly, recoverable? Despite Office 365 resilient infrastructure and advanced security features they simply cannot protect you from user error, administrator error or malicious intent. And, even though the odds of you losing data due to a Microsoft outage or disruption are low, people within your organisation will make mistakes, perhaps initiating a security breach or ransomware attack. Although Microsoft does it’s best to make sure your data is safe and backed up there are several cases where your company’s critical data and messages can be compromised or worse, lost forever.

Here are the 3 main reasons you should backup Office 365.

Comply with Australian law and regulations. Obligation is on organisations to retain certain financial records, ATO records, company documents, employee records and contracts for varying periods of time, some documents are required to be kept permanently. Secondly, to avoid the costs and expenses on downtime during a disaster. If something happens from Microsoft’s side, you won’t be able to reach your data and continue working unless you have a backup. And finally, to prevent data loss and corruption. Often caused by end user error such as accidental deletion but can originate from multiple sources, external threats, etc.

Dependent on subscription type, Office 365 provides several methods of protection over its applications, here are the default recovery periods. Deleted emails are kept in the ‘recycle bin’ for a maximum of 93 days, then deleted forever. SharePoint and OneDrive are unable to retrieve single items or files, they must restore an entire instance and deleted information is retained for a maximum of only 14 days. As mentioned, these are the default options and if you know what you’re doing the retention periods can be altered and of course, Microsoft ensures it won’t lose your data, they simply don’t make any guarantees about recovering it for you. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have appropriate backups from a third-party, as recommended by Microsoft in the Service Availability Section of its Services Agreement. They operate on a ‘shared responsibility’ model that implies that managing security and compliance is a partnership, it’s made very clear that in case of outages or disruptions, Microsoft is not responsible for your data, backing up data is your responsibility.

The best way to keep your data out of harm’s way is to keep copies of it where it can’t ever be deleted. Your data needs a third-party backup solution if you want to keep it is truly protected. A third-party backup is the best way to protect against accidental or malicious file deletion, et cetera. Solutions that meet all Office 365 data retention requirements but store backups independently from Microsoft servers. Solutions that enable granular and permission restores from all files, folders, and applications. At Computer Troubleshooters we use, install, set up and migrate to the Office 356 platform regularly. We’re experts, we know what works and what doesn’t, and not all Office 365 backup tools are created equally. Some don’t offer protection for the entire suite, others don’t offer granular or permissions restores.

Where to for help?

Your nearest Computer Troubleshooters location will start with an initial assessment/discovery meeting to understand your needs. We’ll outline the health of your IT infrastructure and underline any security vulnerabilities. All at no initial cost to you if you proceed. The cost of lost data can be immeasurable, your company needs to keep its vital information secure, contact us today – 1300 28 28 78. Technology solved.